Window and Door Frame Rot Claims

Nigel Allen
Aug 20, 2021
Window and Door Frame Rot Claims

One of the many problems tenants face is rotten wood on windows and doors frames in the homes they have rented. Many may have wondered if they can claim compensation. When you rent a property from a private landlord, the Housing Association or Council, they expect a well maintained, safe habitable home.

At times landlords are negligent and fail to provide the favourable living conditions expected of them. Tenant Rescue specialises in helping tenants claim compensation from negligent landlords.

Our solicitors provide the necessary legal assistance to help you pursue a window and door frame rot claim.

Rotten doors or window frames are a health hazard and can cause accidents and personal injury. Also, burglars can break into your home and steal or damage property easier. Tenant Rescue helps you understand how you can be reimbursed for negligence that caused a personal injury.

You should inform your landlord of any rotten window or door frames, so they can arrange the required repairs or replacements. Sometimes landlords are negligent and fail to take any action to better your living conditions. This is why rotten wood on window or door frames is considered housing disrepair and tenants can claim compensation for negligence.

How is the Landlord Responsible for Window and Door frame Repairs?

Your landlord has an obligation to maintain and ensure safety for the property you're renting. This means they are required to provide conducive living conditions, free of hazards that could cause personal injury. 

Rotten doors and window frames cannot just cause accidents, they can cause or worsen several respiratory problems. So if you're living in a property with a rotten window or door frames, you're not safe.

Legally, under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, the landlord is required to provide safe and favourable living conditions. It is, therefore, their obligation to repair or replace the rotten frames.

Expected Time For The Landlord To Take Action

As aforementioned, the tenant should inform their landlord of the rotten window and door frames. After that, the landlord should make appropriate repair arrangements, within a reasonable time. Reasonable, means your landlord may consider if your rotten frames problem requires urgent attention. However, for rotten frames that are compromising your safety and health, the landlord is expected to take action within 24 hours.

Reporting rotten frame problems ensures the landlord is made aware, and can be held accountable if they fail to take action. It also saves you from potential burglary and accidents that could cause personal injury. It is wise to have a copy of any written letters too, that prove you have reported problems, to the landlord.

What To Do If The Landlord Is Not Taking Action?

When you realise that your landlord is not carrying out repairs after you inform them of the rotten window or door frames, then it is time to take legal action. You should find reliable legal experts to help you pursue a housing disrepair claim. 

Tenant Rescue solicitors are excellent experts you can trust and involve. We have vast experience in housing disrepair claims and can help you make a rotten window and door frame claim against your landlord.

Our solicitors will work with you after evaluating your situation and finding a reason to pursue a claim. We'll guide you on all that is required of you, to ensure we successfully claim compensation for you.

Can You Get Evicted?

Please do not worry about being evicted by your landlord for claiming compensation. The law protects all Housing Association or Council House tenants from being evicted by the landlord for claiming against them.

Private landlords might evict you but our solicitors have different avenues they can approach to prevent this. Also if you feel you suffered a personal injury due to a rotten window or door frame's disrepair, you deserve compensation, even when the landlord tries to evict you.

Ensure you pay your rent or have a payment plan (which can be as little as £1 a month) to ensure you do not get evicted.

Expected Compensation Sum

The amount we'll help you win from your landlord for rotten window or door frames disrepair is determined by the type of personal injury you suffered. Our solicitors have helped tenants receive compensation of around £1,000 to £20,000.

We could help you win more. For instance, personal injury like lung disease or asthma could fetch you compensation of between £10,000 to £66,000.

Do not hesitate to contact us. You can check our testimonials to see how impressed our customers have been with the claims they've entrusted us with. You too could get the compensation you deserve after a rotten window or door frame disrepair that led to personal injury.