Should Landlords Be Held Responsible For Faulty Electrics?

Nigel Allen
Sep 28, 2021
Should Landlords Be Held Responsible For Faulty Electrics?

How would you feel if you returned to your home to find the whole building was without power? If this happened in a home you purchased, there would be an electricity company coming to fix the problem as soon as possible. But what happens if it occurs in rented accommodation? 

Faulty electrics are one of the biggest problems tenants face which is among the most dangerous situations. As many landlords will be aware, it’s not uncommon for faulty electrics to occur in the electrical supply in rental property, often causing safety issues that are potentially life-threatening if left ignored.

The private sector’s standard response to disrepair problems in homes is to treat them as breaches of contract between landlords and tenants. Faulty electrics are just one example of problems that can occur if not dealt with promptly, but they are among one of most dangerous situations faced by tenants. 

If left unresolved, these problems can cause severe injury or even death. In some cases, a landlord might have been made aware of a problem yet failed to deal with it properly because he or she knew how much disruption it would cause, while awaiting repair services. This doesn’t make a good case for a landlord whose priority should be safety at all times, regardless of inconvenience or cost.

Understanding The Disrepair

If a house has serious disrepair issues that affect your health and safety, then you should inform your landlord. Landlords will usually arrange an engineer to come and assess the problem and decide if repairs are needed. If they do not, you may wish to instruct your own engineer and make a claim against your landlord, if they don’t carry out any repairs. 

If landlords aren’t made aware of problems with their property or refuse to make necessary repairs, housing disrepair insurance can help protect tenants. Landlords should therefore do everything they can to keep their rental property in good condition as such properties can easily fall into disrepair which is damaging for tenants' belongings and potentially dangerous.

Dealing With Faulty Electrics

If a tenant calls an electrician and it is confirmed that there is a fault with wiring, then it's most likely down to housing disrepair. It's important to note that according to most standard tenancy agreements, landlords are expected to maintain their property. This covers fixing faulty electrics, so if your landlord doesn't fix these issues when you report them, they may be liable. If possible make sure you take photos of any problems before contacting your landlord as if something serious were to happen, because of bad wiring, they would have more to answer for.

Faulty Electrics The Landlord Should Repair

Faulty electrics are a dangerous hazard and often go unnoticed by those living in rental properties. Many landlords fail to keep their tenants safe as they would do with their own homes, as such disrepair is not always obvious. Faulty lights, wiring and electrical appliances can cause injury and even death if left un repaired, so there is a strong case for making landlords liable for any damage caused by hazardous conditions in rental property.