Mould and Damp Housing Disrepairs

Tenant Rescue
Jul 30, 2021
Mould and Damp Housing Disrepairs

Under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, the landlord is obligated to provide safe and conducive housing to the tenant. A more recent (Act 2018), under the law, stipulates that a property, specifically the more recent homes offered by the landlord, should be free of mould and damp.

Neglected homes with mould and damp, leaves tenants vulnerable to health issues which can impact pre existing conditions, such as asthma and allergies. It is the responsibility of the landlord to eliminate these unsuitable conditions and keep the property habitable, for the health and safety of the tenant. Some of these health issues are serious which is why you should seek assistance.

Should your landlord allow damp or mould to develop or worsen, you have the right as a tenant, to make a housing disrepair claim. Tenant Rescue can help you make a housing disrepair claim against your landlord if they're negligent.

It is understandable that bad weather can contribute to formations of mould and damp in a property, but the landlord is required to keep the property protected from these harmful elements. Negligence of these issues by the landlord, increases the risk of personal injury to their tenants, which is why the latter is eligible to make a claim.

Some tenants are unaware that they can pursue a claim against their landlord for mould and damp housing negligence. Many usually resort to ineffective measures such as constant complaining to the tenant or Housing Association. Our solicitors offer a workable solution to ensure that your housing conditions are improved and you receive the compensation you deserve.

It might become challenging for a tenant to know what to do when it comes to claiming mould and damp disrepairs. This is due to the fundamental distinctions drawn between the landlord's and the tenant's responsibilities. Having one of our experienced solicitors as your legal adviser, will go a long way in getting you the compensation you deserve.

When making a claim, clear evidence that connects your health issue to housing disrepair needs to be established. For this reason, personal injury protocol needs to be followed. Our solicitors will prove useful here to offer legal advice and any assistance required.

We have personable, sympathetic expert solicitors available, to offer reliable legal advice and assistance on mould and damp housing disrepairs and personal injuries caused by such negligence.

Our solicitors will help you prove the landlord's negligence to maintain the property's infrastructure, which in turn leads to personal injury. These are some legal efforts to pursue a successful mould and damp housing disrepair claim.

Tenant Rescue solicitors have successfully assisted tenants who have suffered from their landlords' negligence. You too could be one of the satisfied customers we have saved from mould and damp housing negligence. Please take a look at our testimonials section to see what our customers are saying.