Information On Water Leaks And Leaking Pipe Claims

Nigel Allen
Aug 20, 2021
Information On Water Leaks And Leaking Pipe Claims

Water leaks and leaking pipes in rented properties are issues that could also cause other problems such as mould and dampness in homes, worsening the living conditions of the tenant. 

At Tenant Rescue, we specialise in housing disrepair claims, covering a range of negligence cases by the landlord, that led to personal injury and or damage of property. If you are looking for information and assistance with water leaks and leaking pipe claims, we can help.

What Should You Do When you Find Water Leaks and Pipe Leaks?

As per the law, your landlord is always responsible for repairs to basins, sinks, baths and other sanitary fittings including pipes and drains. This means they have to cater for water leaks.

All tenants should know that if there's a water leak and or leaking pipes in a home they rent, the landlord is responsible. If you are unfortunately in this situation, you have to inform the landlord about the leaks, so that they can fix them. Failure to repair water leaks in a rented property by the landlord worsens your living conditions, which also puts you at a health risk.

Reporting to the landlord clears a lot of things and helps you live better. You also leave the landlord with no excuse that they weren't informed of the leak. Sometimes landlords refuse to pay a bill caused by leaks, claiming they were not informed. If you inform the landlord, it may be possible to backdate a bill and have them pay it.

You should know that the landlord is legally bound by the repairing standard, which means you can report them to the First-tier Tribunal (Housing and Property Chamber in Scotland).

It is highly unreasonable for the landlord to leave you with water leaks for 48 hours. Nevertheless, causes of negligence are there, when landlords have failed to attend to leaking pipes.

Tenant Rescue has reliable solicitors who can help you make a water leak and or pipe leak claim. If you suffered personal injury from living in poor conditions caused by water leakage, or had property damaged, contact us.

We will help you understand why the landlord under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 is legally required to provide safe and conducive housing to you. We'll also help you understand how it is their responsibility to repair leaking pipes, and stop water leakages in your rented home.

Why are Water Leaks or Pipe Leaks a Hazard?

It is important to understand that water leaks and or pipe leaks, can cause mould and dampness in your home. When mould, mildew, or harmful fungi grow in your home, they can quickly cause severe respiratory problems. Occupants can inhale harmful spores that cause a number of health issues.

Most commonly, tenants may suffer the following conditions:

• Irritation on the throat, nose and skin

• Eyes redness and irritation

• Skin rashes

• Frequent coughing, sneezing, similar to those affected by severe allergies

• Upper and lower respiratory infections

• Sinus congestion

• Fatigue

• Fever which may or may not be accompanied by breathing difficulties

It is easy to understand how the above conditions can be considered personal injury. In fact, it gives a better reason to claim compensation, from a negligent landlord.

Our experts will provide the necessary legal guidance to ensure you understand the right actions to take. The solicitors will help you prove the landlord's negligence by helping you collect and supply evidence.

Your relationship with the landlord: Can you get Evicted?

Some tenants worry that if they make a water leak and or pipe leak claim against their landlord, the landlord would evict them.

Here's what you should know

Housing Association or Council House tenants are protected by the law and cannot be evicted by their landlords for beginning a claim against them. You could, however, be evicted if you are in arrears and don't have a payment plan in place. A payment plan of £1 a month provides sufficient protection.

You should keep paying rent even as the claim process goes on, to minimise any chance of the landlord making things hard for you.

Expected Compensation Sum

This is determined by the severity of the water leak disrepair, the duration of negligence and personal injury caused by the housing disrepairs. From our experience, tenants can be compensated between £1,000 to £20,000.

You can trust Tenant Rescue to help you make a water leak and or pipe leak claim. Our solicitors have rescued many tenants from landlords' negligence. We have some, who have provided testimonials of how we saved them. Feel free to contact us and we'll begin the compensation process.