Everything You Need To Know About Vermin In Your Rented Property

Nigel Allen
Sep 28, 2021
Everything You Need To Know About Vermin In Your Rented Property

How can you spot signs of vermin in your rented property? Are you responsible for taking care of it yourself or will your landlord take care of it? And what should you do if you have seen these signs? This article will tell you everything you need to know about vermin in your rented property..

What Are My Responsibilities Regarding Vermin?

Many renters are unaware of their responsibilities regarding vermin infestations in their rented property. 

If you discover that your rented home has become infested with vermin, it’s important to inform your landlord immediately so that steps can be taken to eradicate them and prevent further problems. Infestations caused by poor housing disrepair are also the responsibility of landlords.

As a tenant, you have several responsibilities regarding vermin in your rented property. As soon as you discover an infestation, you need to contact your landlord. In extreme cases where living conditions are posing a serious health risk to tenants, action must be taken by landlords. 

If you fail to inform your landlord about an infestation promptly after discovery, they may not be held responsible for any subsequent damage caused by these vermin.

When Must I Report These Problems?

If you discover evidence of vermin, don’t take matters into your own hands. It’s important that tenants notify their landlords about vermin infestations within three months of becoming aware of it. This can be done verbally or by writing a letter to them.

What Are My Landlord's Responsibilities?

Unfortunately, many landlords will try and wriggle out of their responsibilities by claiming they have no control over what happens on their property. This is not true - they have a responsibility for health and safety. 

This means that if your home is infested with vermin, it's likely your landlord is breaking their tenancy agreement. The law says that landlords are responsible for keeping their premises free from unreasonable risk of harm and any situation where there is a likelihood of vermin or insects may create an unreasonable risk.

If your landlord hasn't fixed the problem, you should try talking to them first. But if they still haven't fixed it within a reasonable time, you can take further action yourself. 

You'll need proof that there are pests at your property, so you can submit pictures or videos as evidence when you contact your landlord. When approaching them about taking action yourself, remind them of their responsibilities under housing laws - they're obliged to provide safe accommodation.

When Is My Landlord Liable For Damage?

If you’re wondering when your landlord is liable for damage or health and safety hazards, it all depends on who was responsible for said damage. If it’s something related to disrepair, your landlord is likely liable. However, if it’s vermin—such as bedbugs—the burden falls on you. 

If you’re concerned about whether or not your landlord is liable for damage to your property, remember that—in most cases—your landlord isn’t liable for damage if they were unaware of it.  To find out more and start a claim, contact us at Tenant Rescue.